Purchased in December, used a handful of times to play Fruit Ninja (fun!!!), and some of the demo games, but that’s basically it. The included Fable III and Kinect Adventures! were never even taken out of the plastic.

Let’s break it down (not literally!):

  • The console, including (all original)
    • 250GB harddrive
    • black wireless controller with 2 AA batteries (Duracell), sparsely used
    • power cord
    • composite AV cable, never used
    • headset, never used
    • built-in wifi capability (unlike non-slim xboxes. You probably knew that, but I didn’t realize when I bought it)
    • bundled Fable III (disc), Halo Reach (via code, unused)
    • The xbox-live gold membership trial is used up
    • all packaging, boxing
  • Kinect sensor, including
    • original cables
    • original packaging, boxing
    • bundled Kinect Adventures! (disc), Fruit Ninja (via code, installed), Gunstringer (via code, installed)

Like new condition for everything. I just don’t use it as much as I should to warrant keeping it. Would rather have the cash and the freed up counter space.